Freestanding Lace
Holly & Berry Basket


Basket made - from using the Ribbon Detail side panel together with the 5 side Theme Base.
You can lace up the sides with ribbon, or sew the sides together.
A "Non Ribbon detail" side panel is also included.
The Finished Basket measures 3.5 inches (9cm) in height.

All these designs are Freestanding Lace designs and can be stitched onto Dissolvable Vilene, WSS

 4x4 (4 files) + 5x7 (2files)

Measurements in Centimeters W x H

4x4 Files included are
Holly & Berry Ribbon Side panel
S= 15 536
5 side Theme base panel
S=19 111
Holly & Berry No Ribbon Side panel
S= 14 659
Freestanding Lace Ornament
S= 12 687
5x7 files included
6 side Plane base panel
S=12 797
6 side Theme base panel
S=25 728

Freestanding Lace Holly and Berry Basket


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 4x4 (4 files) + 5x7 (2files)



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