Rina in SA

Hi Chantell,

I have made a wall hanging from CCQ0308 and CCQ0309
Attached is the pics I hope you like it.
The embroidered design is a 5 part design in photo stitch from my embroidery design stash
and the quilted panels are all yours. God Bless,


Rina used  the 6x10 size of these two sets

Q0308 - You Decide The Project - 5x7 or 5.8x9.4 or 6x10 or  7.8 x 11.7

together with this set

Q0309 - You Decide - Set2 - 5x7 or 5.8x9.4 or 6x10 or  7.8 x 11.7

the embroidered design, is a 5 part Photo stitch design from Rina's embroidery design stash



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