Freestanding Lace

FSL,  Rose trim (edging) and

FSL,  Trim A (Rose Insert Lace)

An exquisite Heirloom Christening Gown

Made by a wonderfully talented lady :
Gail Fernando - (email Gail)
Gail has sewn most of her life as her mother was a dress maker,
who mainly sewed wedding dresses, so Gail was exposed to it from a very young age.
Gail's mom sewed in the days when buttonholes had to be made by hand
and that was also Gail's job from the age of ten.
Gail had to teach herself as she really got into sewing when she got married
and left home.

Creating this exquisite Heirloom Dress, Gail used a pattern from:
a Martha Pullen Elegant Sewing Book - Elegant Sewing for Baby.
(Martha's sewing room Projects from 1300 and 1400 PBS series)

Gail also used the Ferns  - which really adds to the delicateness of this dress

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